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Topaz by Kakity
SO I've wanted to do a gemsona for a while, here's the first of 3, Topaz- a spunky little thing with a lot of attitude.

Gem/Location: Topaz/Cheeks 

Weapon: Twin Pistols

Dance Style:

 Hot-headed, Childish, and Impulsive. For such a small thing, she sure does pack a lot of anger. She's easily set off and will almost always be found throwing some kind of tantrum. Her child like qualities aren't all that bad, however. She has a sort of charm and naivety that makes it kinda hard not to warm up to her. She's also quick with her wits and her feat, constantly acting on instinct instead of over thinking a situation. It's usually hit or miss with that, either her instincts are usually right and she ends up benefiting herself and the team, or she jumps to conclusions to quickly and ends up crashing and burning.

-Spaghetti Westerns/Cowboy Movies
-Arts and Crafts

Fighting style: Using pistols, Topaz is used to range combat. That and considering her unreasonably small and dainty shape means an enemy getting up close is a major weakness, but that doesn't stop her from attempting to get all up and personal or pistol wiping her opponents when all else fails.
Mega Kecleon by Kakity
Mega Kecleon
Now to introduce mega evolution with Mega Kecleon!

Ability: Inver's Paradox- Named after the psychic that discovered it, as long as this pokemon is on the field, type advantages and disadvantages are completely flipped, essentially changing the battle into an inverse one. In inverse battles, the two cancel out essentially turning it into a regular battle whenever the Mega Kecleon is brought onto the field.

I actually planned this for my 'gen 2' wave of fakemon since inverse battles are an important part of the story, but i guess it's good enough for this gen!

Kecleon <~ Kecleonite ~> Mega Kecleon
Keclekid by Kakity
So to introduce preevolutions, here's a preevolution to Kecleon. To breed a keclekid, you need a Bold Incense, but some are rarely found in the wild.

Egg group: Baby

Ability: Color Change (Hidden Ability: Protean)

Dex: Keclekid (Pallet pokemon) Like its evolution, Keclekid can change its color, but while Kecleon can camouflage with this ability, Keclekid changes their color based on their emotions or the emotions of those close to them, kind of like a living mood ring. They use this to display to other pokemon when they are angry or aggressive, or to silently signal each other when danger is near by or they are in distress.

Keclekid -> Max Friendship -> Kecleon
Thermun by Kakity
Egg group: Amorphous/Monster

Ability: Cloud 9 

Dex: Thermun (Majin Pokemon) Live High up in the atmosphere and lounge around in the highest mountains of the Qamor League. They are incredibly aggressive and territorial and tend to get into vicious fights with one another to display dominance. They are usually displayed as symbols for Masculinity, despite the fact that their male/female ratio is equally distributed. Thermun were also a universal signs for partying and general good times, in the ancestral times when Thermun ever showed up to a festival it was taken as a sign that it was a truly successful one, since they are always grumpy and hard to satisfy having a party merry enough to lift their spirits must have been a really great one after all.

Numby -lv 43-> Munsun -lv 69-> Thermun
Munsun by Kakity
Egg group: Amorphous/Monster

Ability: Cloud 9 

Dex: Munsun (Cherub pokemon) Have a physical body unlike their preevolutionary state. Munsun are fairly heavy and weigh the same of a pudgey child- tbh they kind of look like fat children- yet they able to sit and stand on clouds as if they were solid ground, they can even grab unto vapor and reshape it. Munsun cannot fly on their own, but can maneuver fluffs of clouds and potentially move at high speeds with it. They are often seen as symbols of childishness and whismy, despite their constant pouty face.

Numby -lv 43-> Munsun -lv 69-> Thermun



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey i'm Ryan I used to post other stuff on here but now it's mostly for my fakemon now (ill still answer question regarding the god tiers ans\d stuff so go ahead and ask if you got them!)

Here's my Tumblr for my fakemon

and my main tumblr


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