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Mothman by Kakity
idk we were supposed to do a comic or illustration for animation class and i just did this because it gave me an excuse to try paint tool sai...

its not very good and i rushed to make it but i like how it came out

name censored to protect the innocent (me)

and mostly just want to put stuff that isn't fan stuff on here too so lmao
Mom and Dad by Kakity
Mom and Dad
The parents to my pokemon trainers, Sydney and Darwin!

Their names are Owen and Gloria. Owen was from in Qamor while Gloria was born and raised in Korona. They both met in Elderwood Academy (More on that later), Gloria was studying pokemon biology and human medicine while Owen was trying to get a masters in pokemon battle theory to become a gym leader. Gloria was then became the apprentice to the region's professor, Prof. Zingana, and became her assistant later in her life. She and her husband have a home in Qamor and a summer home in Korona in the private research facility of Professor Zingana with other scientist studying the pokemon of the region.

After they had their son and daughter, 
Owen decided to retire his gym leader career to care for the children. He's generally laid back, not having to work and spend most of his time outside with his Pikachu strumming his ukelele.  Aside from being one of Professor Zingana's most trusted assistant, she's also a human and pokemon docter. She's currently studying to oddities of pokemon/human diseases, including the anomalous pokerus, with the help of her partner pokemon.

At the start of the game, 
Owen is at the summer home with the player character while Gloria and the player's sibling were stuck in Qamor due to unforeseen circumstances. Gloria was disapaointed that she missed one of her children setting off on their pokemon journey, but she was very amazed at the team they managed to set up by the time they reunite.

Conner also has a Konsert while Gloria has a Bellosom

Oceans 11 by Kakity
Oceans 11
Yay, third gem! She's kind of the '''leader''' of the group in the sense that Garnet is like the leader of the crystal gems.

Larimar/ Lower back

Weapon: Nunchucks (Can change the length of the rope or give them extra sections)

Dance Style:

 Mellow, Supportive, Brooding. Larimar seems to radiate calmness, she has a sort of tranquil aura that always seems to calm the nerves of her teammates. She prefers to stay in quiet environments, silently meditating and keeping her thoughts to herself. She isn't entirely closed off, however as she's always trying to help her team however she can. She's sort of the emotional leader of the group, helping them through problems and aiding them with their personal endeavors. Even though, she spends most of her meditation time to herself- reflecting on her personal philosophies and of those she had met and long forgotten.

-Celestial bodies

Fighting style: Larimar is generally fast and fluid in her attacks. At first glance, it might seem chaotic or random, but a closer look will see that her moves are carefully considered and choreographed, with a sort of grace that's almost grace like. Larimar seems to have an odd infatuation with corrupted gems and often tries to communicate with them, but it never works and always has to resort to defending herself and defeating them.
Kilts and Hilts by Kakity
Kilts and Hilts
The next crystal gem, Serpentine! I guess i couldn't given him some kind of snake theme considering his gem but i guess that ship sailed. Maybe I'll at least make his monster like a giant fat lizard like an alligator or something??

Gem/Location: Serpentine/Chin 

Weapon: Hammer

Dance Style:
 Hard Style

 Bashful, Excitable, and Worrywart. Despite his burly and bulky appearance, Serpentine is actually just a big bubbly gentle giant. He is easily embarrassed and it really takes no effort to get him into a fit of uncomfortable laughter and his face covered in an uncontrollable green blush. Serpentine also happens to be very passionate about his interests and will go to great lengths of nerd gushing when you bring them up or mention them. Serpentine also happens to over think most things, and the simplest of occurrences 
 are usually over blown for him. 

- Skirts/Dresses
- Gladiators
- Sun bathing

Fighting style: Serpentine is a heavy weight fighter and a heavy hitter. His fighting style is a bit slow, but powerful. He depends on his shear strength to defeat enemies with a broad swing of his hammer. Even without his hammer, he still packs a mighty punch and, with his high durability, can easily withstand a head on attack weaponless.
Topaz by Kakity
SO I've wanted to do a gemsona for a while, here's the first of 3, Topaz- a spunky little thing with a lot of attitude.

Gem/Location: Topaz/Cheeks 

Weapon: Twin Pistols Boomerangs

Dance Style:

 Hot-headed, Childish, and Impulsive. For such a small thing, she sure does pack a lot of anger. She's easily set off and will almost always be found throwing some kind of tantrum. Her child like qualities aren't all that bad, however. She has a sort of charm and naivety that makes it kinda hard not to warm up to her. She's also quick with her wits and her feat, constantly acting on instinct instead of over thinking a situation. It's usually hit or miss with that, either her instincts are usually right and she ends up benefiting herself and the team, or she jumps to conclusions to quickly and ends up crashing and burning.

-Spaghetti Westerns/Cowboy Movies
-Arts and Crafts

Fighting style: Using pistols boomerangs, Topaz is used to range combat. That and considering her unreasonably small and dainty shape means an enemy getting up close is a major weakness, but that doesn't stop her from attempting to get all up and personal or pistol wiping her opponents when all else fails.


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United States
Hey i'm Ryan I used to post other stuff on here but now it's mostly for my fakemon now (ill still answer question regarding the god tiers ans\d stuff so go ahead and ask if you got them!)

Here's my Tumblr for my fakemon

and my main tumblr


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