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Chrysreavenly slight edit
It wouldn't let me edit the original so here's just an edit...

Now with more sparkles...

Chrysteavenly (Crystal/Chrysalis + Heavenly)

Egg group: Bug

Ability: Levitate 

Dex: Chrysteavenly (Stained Glass pokemon) are known as one of, if not the most intelligent bug type pokemon. They are known for showing complex human like emotions such as compassion and empathy and have even been rumored to communicate with humans through telepathy. It is said that if you look into their glittering wings that are said to contain magical abilities, you will be trapped under their control. Each Chrysteavenly has a differentiated in its wings, and it is said that the seemingly random sequence of colors is actually a code containing their unique personalities and emotions.

Shamite -lv 8-> Pupentre -lv 11-> Chrysteavenly
Dokuduru by Kakity
Egg group: Amorphous

Ability: Different Drummer- By hitting to the beat of it's own sole pulsating within it, this pokemon can concentrate all power on its attacks, giving it a slight boost in special attack whenever it uses STAB moves. The beat also puzzles opponents, getting them off tempo which has a chance of confusing or flinching them occasionally. 

Dex: Dokuduru (Pitch Pokemon) can beat their mallets at tremendous and varying speeds, sometimes their movement is so drastic it can only be viewed with high speed cameras. This pokemon can easily defeat its opponent by bashing them to a pulp, but these pokemon think of that as an ignoble feat. Instead they use the steady rhythms and tempos that they create to further exploit their psychic and spiritual connectivity to win battles. 

Ch'kicha -Lv 37-> Parumpum -Trade-> Dokuduru
Parumpum by Kakity
Egg group: Amorphous

Ability: Serene Grace

Dex: Parumpum (Pitch Pokemon) beat their drum like bodies at a hypnotic tempo. Their beats is said to link up with heartbeats, and thus can be used for multiple occasions. During battles of tribes, they would always take these pokemon out to help sync the warriors with one another, and pump them up for the fight. They can also help slow your heart beat down, which was extremely useful for doctors trying to calm down patients.

Ch'kicha -Lv 37-> Parumpum -Trade-> Dokuduru
Ch'kicha by Kakity
Ch'kicha [Chick-ee-cha]

Egg group: Amorphous

Ability: Serene Grace

Dex: Ch'kicha (Pitch Pokemon) were benevolent spirits that started playing the musical instruments of the natives after they were amazed by the inhabitant's musical abilities. Thy would join along them during festivals, shaking to the beat of the music and lightening the mood. They even help during rituals, strengthening the inhabitant's spiritual bond. When a Ch'kicha sleeps,it reverts back to a lifeless maraca. Sometimes, it never comes back to life however.

Ch'kicha -Lv 37-> Parumpum -Trade-> Dokuduru
Palagloss by Kakity
OKAY BECAUSE I HAVEN'T POSTED ANYTHING IN A WHILE HEres a lame filler pokemon that probobly no one would use if it was real

Egg group: Water 1

Ability: Poison Point/ Poison Touch

Dex:  Palagloss (Pond Skipper Pokemon) have a slimy, translucent skin covered with a slimey polka-dotted substance with a similar consistency to glitter glue that also happens to be filled with toxins. Palagloss live primarily in swamps or marshes without worry as most predators know to stay clear from this venomous creature. Be careful if you get this pokemon's slime on you or your clothes, forget that it's toxic all that glitter is like super hard to get off you'll probably still be finding some months after the encounter.

This pokemon does not evolve


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United States
Hey i'm Ryan I used to post other stuff on here but now it's mostly for my fakemon now (ill still answer question regarding the god tiers ans\d stuff so go ahead and ask if you got them!)

Here's my Tumblr for my fakemon

and my main tumblr


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