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Lovewins by Kakity
can you imagine how many people got married in the last couple of days? Good for them. i can't really imagine ever being married but i guess it's nice to know it's a possibility for me one day now?? whatever

I wanted to draw something for #lovewins so i drew these random gay characters of mine getting marries.... who are these characters you ask? why do i never draw them??? the world may never know............

one thing's for sure is that they look good af
Nectarmite by Kakity
Lucky pokemon #77 here we gooooo

Nectarmite (Nectar + Termite. Straight forward)

Egg group: Bug

Ability: Honey Pot- When this pokemon uses an hp draining move, such as leech-life or drain kiss, it will deal 1.5-2x damage and also heal the user that much.

Dex: Nectarmite(Abdomen Pokemon) are much more aggressive and territorial than their preevolution. They work diligently in their nests keeping out dangerous pokemon, attacking intruders, and caring for their young. They cling to ceilings so when an unsuspecting foe walks by they can usher a sneak attack from above. Like their last evolutionary stage, this pokemon keeps all its nutrients stored in a sappy liquid in their abdomen. They can quickly add to this supply by jabbing enemies with their stinger and take nutrients straight from their body, or they can pour out some of their nectar is steady trickles so their young or allies can feed.

Magmead -lv 33-> Nectarmite
Magmead by Kakity
to commemorate gay marriage being legal in the us i present to you the gayest pokemon that will ever exist... okay not really but all my pokemon are a little gay anyways so that works

This is based on a honey pot ant and termites if you didn't realize btw

Egg group: Bug

Ability: Honey Pot- When this pokemon uses an HP draining move, such as leech-life or drain kiss, it will deal 1.5-2x damage and also heal the user that much.

Dex: Magmead (Grub pokemon) Live in cavernous colonies that stretch sometimes miles beneath the sandy surface. Living in a dessert climate can leave a toll on most Pokemon, especially since there is very little food to be found. As a result, these Pokemon evolved to learn how to conserve their food and reduce consumption by storing all their nutrition in a sweet, sap like liquid. They can go days and days without eating as long as their elastic abdomen is filled with even a little of this liquid. The natives found the sap to be savory and consistently honey-like. They liked it so much they found ways to farm and safely collect the sap without harming this bug Pokemon, as the preevolution of this line is a lot more tamer and easier to cooperate with. To this day, the sap is considered a luxurious delicacy that can sweeten up any dish.

Magmead -lv 33-> Nectarmite
Grotenuous by Kakity
I had no room to put the shiny just pretend it's lime green or somethng

Grotenuous (Grotesque + Tenuous)

Egg group: Who cares what's going to want to mate with thsi

Ability: "In Situ"- When this pokemon is submerged in water, such as while surfing or diving, is out in the rain, or is holding an item that enhances water type moves such as a Splash Plate, it will change into it's Deep Sea Form and it's special attack, special defence, and speed will sharply rise

Dex:Grotenuous (Gelatinous pokemon) are rather uncomfortable looking pokemon when on land. While in the water, this pokemon looks fairly okay and could even be considered majestic. It uses it's psychic ability to pull water towards itself and creating a sort of pressurized seal around it to protect against strong predators. The pressure that it exerts on itself is so high that if it is removed from the water, it will completely dissociate with itself and flop into a flimsy and slimy mess, loosing almost all of it's psychic potential and ability.

There is no end to my terrible gimmick pokemon just yo watch
So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion by Kakity
So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion
I hope we get an episode where steven takes all the corrupted gems and has a cute field day with them. A boy can only dream


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey i'm Ryan I used to post other stuff on here but now it's mostly for my fakemon now (ill still answer question regarding the god tiers ans\d stuff so go ahead and ask if you got them!)

Here's my Tumblr for my fakemon

and my main tumblr


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a couple moths too late but thanks
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Man, I haven't payed much mind to deviant art lately, so I keep forgetting how good you are wow.
Kakity Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, thanks! You're art is really great too!!!
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Kakity Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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