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Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher by Kakity
Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher

:iconmiitoons: has a neat-o contest for his upcoming comic and i though, why not!! So this is one of my ocs. Geo, who i dug out of my sketchbook and tweaked his origin a little so it would fit the comic! also he was long overdue to actually draw.... i honestly should actually do my ocs digitally for once lol......  really long description up ahead which now that i look at it seems kinda needlessly lengthy anyways gogogogggogogo




Full Name:  Geo Solomon


Species: Rock Creature?


Gender: Male


Age: Probably 17


Nationality: "born" Guatemalan, raised American



*High Defense- Made of a super strong stone material, he is able to stand many strong blows against him and can withstand tremendous amounts of damage and pressure

*Armor Generation- Can add layers of rocky armor around himself and individual body parts, making him sturdier and harder hitting albeit restraining his movement. He is even able to add on to body parts, such increased mass to his arms or additional spikes across his body.

*Earth Manipulation- Able to create and manipulate the green colored stone of his skin in defensive or offensive ways. He needs to have contact with the ground or any body of earth in order to do this, however. He can make towering pillars or cascading landslides. Luckily, the stone he creates will disappear after a short while, but the damage they leave is permanent.

*Amazing Hugs- Despite being made of rocks, Geo actually gives the best bear hugs. And frequently.


Style: 2D


World Description: (This part isn't necessarily important for the contest it's really wordy lol) Hundreds of Years ago there once existed a fruitful and wealthy city of powerful magicians in central America known by locals as the "Corona Milagra". However, the population and their wealth and knowledge completely disappeared mysteriously without a trace leaving behind only useless green statues that could not be removed or damaged without completely destroying them. As a result, those that first discovered the city decided to leave but planned on returning at a later date to investigate. When they tried to return, however, they were unable to locate the city and they eventually gave up on the search, so for hundreds of years this city was just a whisper of a legend and all but almost forgotten... until certain supernatural organization got wind of this legend and decided to investigate.


Description: Discovered as a very small and very adorably angry infant in the deepest part of an ancient Guatemalan tomb, the "Geographical Expedition Findings of the Corona Milagrosa" was taken in as the only artifact of interest by [Insert Shady Organization Here] as all attempts of removing the strange, green statues of the city resulted in the destruction of them and no other significant relics or writings from the powerful magicians were discovered. The young, rock baby was then taken in by [Shady Organization] with only a number and a mission description to his name. The organization, seeing the combative potential in him, then began to train and prepare him for a life of fighting crime and retaining peace.This life proved to have many hardships, and it wasn't always easy for this young Guatemalan rock baby. Starting with naming himself "Geo", he wanted positive outlook on his current situation by always looking at the bright side of things and trying to make friends with the other [Organization] scientists, employees, and even some of the others under [Organization]'s captivity. Geo was eventually adopted by two of the scientist who were very close to him, allowing him to finally experience the outside world as a regular teenager but promising to use his powers to protect the public.


Personality: Geo is overly affectionate and friendly. He always has a positive outlook on life and is always trying to find the bright side of things. He tries to act cool and collective on most things knowing that's how people are /supposed/ to act, but he can't help getting exited about silly things a lot and showing off his bubbly side. He is very naive and doesn't exactly realize when people don't like him or being around him because he's not very good at reading body language (like, at all), but he still acts the same, vibrant way. Geo has a strong sense of justice and upholding peace since it was intensely taught to him since an infant. He tries to help out a lot and help in matters that aren't entirely his business, but it's only because he wants to help out wherever and whoever he can.


Additional Info:

-Likes to sing very loudly to songs on the radio or his mp3

-Works and a frozen yogurt shop part time

-Uses lots of emojis and exclamation marks in his texts

-Has an Instagram of nothing but pictures of the beach and cute desert foods #aesthetic

-Mains Kirby in smash bros




I'm not even going to attempt a background tbh i don't think i ever will.

I guess the markings ref is really more of a general guidelines like idk how they actually work myself

this is an outrageously large image i should use smaller canvases in the future......

Pearl's Fusions Crossing by Kakity
Pearl's Fusions Crossing
Pearl was greedy so she needed BOTH of her fusions posted ASAP. good thing they both have perfectly full lips 💋💋💋💋💋

Technically a WIP since i have the entirety of beach city i'm still working on, but these two are done so might as well post them!!! The full thing would be a sequel to my original gem crossing, of course

So Snooty Elephant and Peppy Mouse obviously

also idk why Rainbow quartz is an elephant, it just seems like a perfect match to me????
Morg by Kakity
My OTHER brother's gemsona who i actually drew in the style of my other gemsonas

Morganite uses They/Them pronouns, have an umbrella (not pictured) as their weapon, and their gem is located on the left side of their chest.

The au they're in takes place in a universe where Steven, Rose Quarts, and the Crystal Gems never existed or the Kindergarten for that matter. Earth was used as a prison planet where trouble making, unruly, and undesirable gems were exiled to. This also happens to be the Earth where my main gems are at, but instead they are a group of rebellious high authority criminals who are being targeted by homeworld. Morganite and their group, however, aren't on homeworld's radar. Also, instead of star symbols to signify their team, they use hearts! How cute is that!?

I'll probably get back to drawing more gemsonas lmao you just can't escape steven universe can you....

(PS i had this done a LONG time ago but put off submitting it for whatever reason.......)
Star Diopside by Kakity
Star Diopside
This refused to upload earlier? IDK what the deal with that or if i'm just crazy....

Aaaaanyways, this is my little brother's gemsona, Star Diopside. I know i said i was taking a break with gemsonas and all, but who cares. I certainly don't
Lovewins by Kakity
can you imagine how many people got married in the last couple of days? Good for them. i can't really imagine ever being married but i guess it's nice to know it's a possibility for me one day now?? whatever

I wanted to draw something for #lovewins so i drew these random gay characters of mine getting marries.... who are these characters you ask? why do i never draw them??? the world may never know............

one thing's for sure is that they look good af


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey i'm Ryan I used to post other stuff on here but now it's mostly for my fakemon now (ill still answer question regarding the god tiers ans\d stuff so go ahead and ask if you got them!)

Here's my Tumblr for my fakemon

and my main tumblr


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:iconmiitoons: :iconmanga-samurai: :iconhorow: :iconnagane-yumi: :iconteam-doofenshmirtz: :iconibbywonder6: :iconblankyxp: :iconcrayon-shadowe:


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