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Nerachi by Kakity

Nerachi [Nair-Ah-Chee](Nereid + Selachi)

Egg group: Water 2/Monster

Ability: Pickup (Secret Ability: Regenerator)

Dex: Nerachi (Nymph pokemon) are kind hearted, slow swimming pokemon. This pokemon lives in coral reefs, and it has the silly characteristic of possessing an immense oral cavity, despite its appearance. Just like its pre-evolution, it likes to collect large amount of scraps that it keeps securely protected in it's mouth, and sometimes even lets smaller pokemon hide safley inside while predators are nearby. Their body is split into two halves, one being leathery and soft while the other is a tough and slimy with scales that glisten in the ocean light. Many believe this pokemon was the source of mermaid's in literature considering their similarities, but pokemon such as Milotic or Gorebyss can pass just as convincingly. Nonetheless, these pokemon have slipped into the Greater Qamor folklore as magical beings who's pearls are said to bring fortune to those that is gives it too.

Capsudier -lv 37 with Prism Scale ->Nerachi

Capsudier by Kakity

anyways, a pokemon based on a shark egg case, also known as a "mermaid's purse"

Capsudier [Cap-Soo-Dee-Air] (Capsule + Minaudière)

Egg group: Water 2/Monster

Ability: Pickup (Secret Ability:Magician)

Dex: Capsudier (collector pokemon) live in vibrant coral reefs, acting as a sort of natural protector for the environment against pollution. These pokemon are obsessed with making collections, and they always go out of their way top pick out shiny objects that they find floating in the water, which usually happens to be pieces of litter haphazardly thrown in the ocean. Their bodies are designed with a sort of pouch on top, so they like to store items that they think are good enough to keep, which include scrunchies or candy wrappers, inside while eating anything else- helping to remove pollutants that would otherwise harm any other pokemon. Because of their diet, they are susceptible to large amounts of poisonous material and even learned to weapon it, if they feel threatened they are able to expel some of the more hazardous materials from their pouch or their stomach. Also, who could resist sporting these pokemon like a designer handbag around the boardwalk?? So chic!

Capsudier -lv 37 with Prism Scale ->Nerachi
Red Hot Tamale by Kakity
Red Hot Tamale
I wanted to draw the big ridiculous red hot tamale Jasper, so here’s this. Maybe it’s a poster to get home world gems to join the great diamond authority army?

Vitamin C by Kakity
Vitamin C
Yay! First Fusion! This one is of my gems Serpentine and Topaz!

Being very compatible close friends, Citrine is easy to form between them and is a generally very stable fusion! The only problem is that the combined personalities of Topaz and Serpentine aren't exactly ideal. With Topaz's outgoingness and Serpentine's ambition, Citrine is really stubborn and overconfident and usually goes out of their way to defy Larimar and Bixbite's planning just to show that they can do it better. Citrine is also really rambunctious,and they usually end up splitting due to too many roughhousing or over exertion from their part.

Their weapon is a club, the best combination between boomerangs and a hammer as I could think of.

They go by they/them, he/him, or she/her
Sugar and Spice by Kakity
Sugar and Spice
Finnaly done with the last one, Bixbite! The self-destructive strategist of the group!

Gem/Location: Bixbite/ it's supposed to be the space right under her breasts but i drew it to look like steven's gem location oh well. 

Weapon: Sickle

Dance Style:

 Diva, Compulsive, Devious. "Diva" might be kind of a mean word to describe her, but for a lot of people she seems that way. She really loves being the center of attention and thrives of people listing to her. It's fitting that she's the strategist of the group as the team almost always has to listen to her anyways. She also happens to take her position VERY seriously. She's a but of oposites with Topaz, where with her she has to make sure every little thing is perfect before doing anything. She's very compulsive, almost to the point where its obsessive (hmmmm). She also happens to be the most sinister of the group. doing things her own way and engaging in usually destructive behavior. She has a sort of twisted sense of humor and outlook that kind of creeps out her teammates and seems to distance themselves away from each other. They still consider her to be a close friend and  they seem a little put off by her, but she is especially fond of Larimar who helps her get through her emotional problems. 

- Human Culture
- Medicine/ Diseases
-Cloud Watching

Fighting style: Being the battle strategist of the group, she almost always thinks of a plan in most situations, even the most stressful. She has a strong leadership quality that helps the team win battles and is hard to keep down. With a sickle, Bixbite is most open for quick pased hacking and slashing to take place. She 


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Hey i'm Ryan I used to post other stuff on here but now it's mostly for my fakemon now (ill still answer question regarding the god tiers ans\d stuff so go ahead and ask if you got them!)

Here's my Tumblr for my fakemon

and my main tumblr


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